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BL: *Steps through doorway/portal thingy*

PN: I’m Pine Needle! Ask me stuff!

BL: To sum it all up. I almost lost my lifelong best friend. I don’t know how he got here or where I am, but… I almost lost him. *pause* excuse me *trots away and distant sobs can be heard*


Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!?


Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!?

Oh My God! I’m not as crazy as I thought I was! Hey has anyone seen a ghostlike parasprite somewhere?

(Would be nice for some questions right about now, to grow the story)

New Referance! (hope this one is permanent

New Referance! (hope this one is permanent

Pine Needle!?

(Ok, now I have NO questions. Please ask some. It helps me construct a story and the readers to understand so PLEASE send some asks)


BL: I do but she is in another world for I am in this lone empty void. Well, except for Lightning my friend here, but, she’s imaginary.

(DON’T JUDGE MY PHOTOBOOTH DRAWINGS! I know they’re bad but you c they were happy. Also Lightning is going to appear as her friend throughout this storyline(yes she is a parasprite). P.s. Friend reference in info. It should all somewhat make sense now)

BL: I do like cakes but this is the wrong type :(

(Hope you noticed a change in her appearance. She is now uno talented, and it means acting. She is also now a Unicorn who can magically have wings and they look solid. So if you see her with wings she probably just finished with flying.)

I have wings, and so do you. but you're of kings, you have a horn too.


PART 1 OF 2 

These designs I’m working on are still very secret! I’ll tell you all about them, but please don’t tell anyone else, not even Rarity! I wanna surprise her during this line’s debut. 

((Mod: Since it literally takes me 8-10 hours to draw one picture, I’m thinking of dividing multiple-picture updates into different posts, in order to keep things a bit more consistent and lower the duration of “dead periods” that this blog might end up having. I’m going to be drawing 2 people in the next update (besides guest updates) - RN generator - but the 2 will not be the only people that will be chosen - as the blog develops more people will be used as models.

I’ll link this post to Part 2 once Part 2 releases, and vice versa, so you won’t have to dig around for the other parts. Thank you for your patience!))

I’m a bit complicated. But I hope you think I’m worth it.

(Ok thank you for the questions! Also I only got two so please send them coming! Thanks :3


Oh Celestia! I can hear you in my head but your like a goddess. Who else? Can you hear me? Hello? Is there a way for us to communicate or something?

(I think I’m doing a bit of a restart. Everything that happened before still happened just new stuff. And please. I encourage more questions! This has been the first since literally last year and even before summer started. So please! Send asks! Anything! SOMETHING!)